my 17th birthday || lots of pictures + a ride in the country

1 country ride

As you probably already know, I had a great 17th birthday!

Mama took me to the store with her on Tuesday and we went by goodwill together!!! 🙂
I got two adorable shirts for just $7.00!

1 Mama and Me
Once we got home, we ate lunch, and then Kristen took me outside for a Birthday Photo Shoot (I’ll do another post on that sometime) 🙂
After the photo shoot, I spent time with my family. We sat outside together. Kristen made us some homemade iced coffee (which is SOOO GOOD) and we drank that up while we enjoyed the nice weather.

It’s been really hot here lately, but on Tuesday it was in the low 80’s and very low humidity! It was absolutely gorgeous!


After dinner, we all went for a ride in the country (at my request) with the windows down!! It was lovely!
(Gideon, our bullmastiff, also came along and rode in the back! He loves going on rides! 😀 )


It was a wonderful ride!!! I am so blessed to live in the country!!!
It was a laid back sort of day spent with my family and I loved it! 🙂





lets talk

what did you do for your last birthday? do you prefer the country or the city?
do you live in the country or the city?



7 thoughts on “my 17th birthday || lots of pictures + a ride in the country

  1. Loved seeing these photos a second time!!! 🙂 Once again, glad you had a great birthday! It sounds like it was a relaxful day!
    Love that photo of you and your mom! ❤
    Iced coffee sounds amazing right now, but it's nearly midnight here, so I'm off to bed! Maybe I'll make some tomorrow (Saturday) … I'll try to convince Olivia to make some for us! If she doesn't, I'll just make some for myself!! 😉 Hehe!
    I realized most of my comments on your blog are email-length!


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