i’m seventeen || a trip to the bookstore + 110 degrees

Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday!! ♫ Happy Birthday to me ♫ !!! 😀

happy birthday


I really enjoyed being sixteen and I hope that I’ll enjoy seventeen just as much! 🙂
I had a wonderful day yesterday! I spent the day at home with my family and we had fun together. After dinner, we all piled into the truck and went for a ride in the country with the windows down!!! Ah…. 😀
I’ll share the pictures of my birthday on an upcoming post (maybe) !!!


My Daddy took me to a local bookstore the other day and I had so much fun!!! I had only been once before, but ever since that first time, I had been dying to go back. 🙂 This book store has really good deals!!! Paperback books are $.50 and Hardbacks are $1.00! I mean talk about a booklovers dream! And most of the books are in like new condition. Some even look brand new!!


I got five books for $4.00! 😀
I’m not sure about the Oliver North book yet (if it has stuff in it or not, because I’ve never read a book by him before) but it was only $1 so I decided to at least give it a try 😉

It’s been really hot lately. On Saturday, the heat index was 110! Talk about miserable. Daddy was kidding around and said, “It doesn’t feel like 110. It feels more like 109.” 😀

We had a storm on Saturday and the clouds were actually rotating. They were going in circles! It’s the first time I had ever seen anything like it. And it was right over our house.
I got a picture of a cloud that actually looked just like a tornado. Yep, it was kinda creepy.



My Summer is going wonderful so far, though it’s going by too fast. But Summer always flies. I think it’s because we enjoy it so much! 🙂






lets talk

do you like to read? what’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten on books?
how is the weather like where you live? how is your Summer going so far?


12 thoughts on “i’m seventeen || a trip to the bookstore + 110 degrees

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! I think I already wished you “happy birthday” three times! 😀 Oh well, doesn’t hurt to say it again! Glad you had a great day and I’m looking forward to photos! I’m glad the weather was slightly cooler for your special day … 101 sounds miserable!
    THAT BOOKSTORE! Seriously, that’s ridiculously amazing! 😀 I’m so glad you guys got to go!
    Yikes, that photo looks quite frightening. Thankfully we don’t get tornadoes here, but I understand how frightening they are.
    Love the new profile photo, by the way! 🙂
    {Side note:} Going to reply the email you sent! 😉


    1. Thank you so much, Rosalyn!!! 😀
      I’ll be sending you some pictures soon! 🙂
      That bookstore is awesome!!! I’m glad we got to go too! If y’all ever come and visit us, I’ll make sure to take you there!!! 🙂
      It was frightening. Glad it passed over!
      Oh, thank you!! Kristen took some pictures of me for my birthday! I’ll send some to you if you want.
      I’ll be looking forward to reading it! 🙂


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