june in review || hello july


June is over, y’all. It flew by. But it was a great month and I hope July is as good!


my life

As you know from a previous post, I played piano with my bestie at her graduation. I was so nervous, but it went very well. I’m so happy for you, Abigail, for graduating!!! 😀

I spent three whole days with Abigail and her family! I had so much fun with them! 😀

I lost a piano student (Chloe) and gained a piano student

I read three whole books and half of two other books, plus I listened to an audio book!

I finished 11th grade! Hallelujah!! 😀 I’m officially a senior!


We celebrated Emma’s second birthday, Kristen’s twenty third birthday, and Ben’s fourteenth birthday

DSC_5855DSC_5860(sorry it’s so dark)

We went to George Washington’s Birthplace at Kristen’s birthday request

I won a giveaway from The Zephyr blog

I got 40 followers! Thank y’all so much!


thankful for

seeing my bestie and her family

fresh eggs


listening to our neighbors cows

the ability to play the piano


my siblings

air conditioning

my Daddy

DSC_5854(sorry the picture is so dark 😦 )

getting a new piano student

hot and spicy chicken wings! 😀


Daddy helping me with my DMV sessions

Burger King cherry icee’s





real bookstabletsrecipe __Summer2a graduation + busy days7 tips forbook review __


July goals
take a picture I’m actually proud of

Get to 20 hours total in my driving time

go fishing and catch a fish (out of all the years I’ve lived on the lake, I’ve only caught one fish 😦 )

pass out 20 gospel tracts

go for a bike ride


Happy Thirty-third Anniversary to the best parents in the world! I love y’all so much!






lets talk

how was your june?
favorite thing about the month?
what are some goals you have for july?


9 thoughts on “june in review || hello july

      1. I’ve heard the same thing about rain, but I would say from living here for six years, that there’s more dreary days rather than rainy days. 🙂 But it still does rain a lot! 😉


  1. I always love your posts like this, Maddy. You do such a great job!! My June was good, way busy and fast. But, that’s how summer goes I guess 🙂 I am looking forward to enjoying summer in July, and being able to swim alot! Blessings to you 🙂


  2. Wow, I can’t believe June is over!! {Reminds me that I need to change my calendar to July :p} I’m so glad you had a great month!
    I think with our visitors here and all, things went by too fast. But, yep, that’s life for you! And as we grow older, it gets faster! 😉
    That barbecue chicken looks so good! 🙂
    I’ve forgotten, how many siblings do you have?


    1. I cant believe June is over either.
      I have three siblings. Katy, Kristen, and Ben. The little girl I was taking the picture with in the above post was my niece, Emma.
      And the hot wings were delicious! 😉
      By the way, I just sent you an email!!! 🙂


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