7 tips for concentrating on your Bible reading

7 tips for

I know we all have the trouble of concentrating on our Bible reading. I have a very difficult time with that. What is the point in reading your Bible if you’re not even understanding what you’re reading? If you’re just reading words?
Today I will share with y’all some tips on how to concentrate more while your reading your Bible. (I got the idea for this post from one of my Daddy’s messages. Thank you Daddy!)

1. Pray
Pray before you start reading your Bible. This is probably the best tip I have.
Ask the Lord for understanding and that He would show you things that you’ve never seen before. Ask Him to help you concentrate and to help keep you from getting distracted.  If you really have a desire to learn from your Bible, the Lord will help you.

2. Write Down Things That Come to Your Mind
If you’re reading your Bible and that thing that your Mom asked you to do yesterday (that you still haven’t done) comes to your mind, write it down on a piece of paper. If you don’t write it down, you will be worried about it and thinking about it through your whole Bible time and then you wont get anything from your Bible reading.

3. Be Careful About Using A Computer
Sometimes people like using computers or phones to read their Bible on, but this is sometimes a bad idea. There is a good possibility that a text message or a Social Media notification will pop up. It would be very tempting to check those text messages or notifications and they could become big distractions. I know you don’t get text messages on your computer, but you will have other distractions. So the best thing to do when your reading your Bible is put ALL electronic devices away.

4. Reread Verses You Don’t Understand.
Sometimes I have to read the same Bible verse over about ten times before I understand it. Even if you don’t read very much in your Bible (maybe only one chapter) at least you would have understood it very well because you reread the passages you didn’t understand.

5. Don’t Read When You’re Tired
This is probably the worst thing you can do when you’re reading your Bible. I have had this happen to me and when it happens, I don’t comprehend anything I’m reading. I’m so tired that I’m just reading words. So Do. Not. Read. When. You. Are. Tired.

6. Read Your Bible Aloud
This helps me a lot. I do this almost all of the time and I understand what I’m reading a lot better. I’m shutting out all other noises so all I hear is myself.

7. Read Your Bible in a Quiet, Private Place
I normally read my Bible in my bedroom with the door shut. That is the quietest place in our house. Usually.
It would be very difficult to read your Bible in a room filled with distractions (for ex. people, TV, music, etc.). Make sure you are reading your Bible in a place where you can concentrate on God’s Word.


I hope these 7 tips have helped you. 🙂

Also, Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Daddy! I love you so much and I hope yesterday was special for you!





lets talk
do you have a hard time concentrating on your Bible reading?
what are some methods you use to help you concentrate on your Bible reading?


6 thoughts on “7 tips for concentrating on your Bible reading

  1. All of these tips are great! Although, I think using the computer can come with big blessings, too. I would say, make sure all notifications are off, and close ALL other tabs before you start… but BlueLetterBible is my absolute favorite free bible study tool, so I use it whenever I want extra-deep study :). It just takes moderation, like all things. And sometimes, I forgo using it just because I know I need a refreshing of my focus so bad, that I am kind of listless and prone to surfing away :). During those times, I steep myself in the Psalms and the prayers from “The Valley of Vision”.


  2. Oh yes, I have the same problem with not concentrating when reading my Bible. I’ll have to remember these tips.
    We got something special for each of the Father’s at our church. The day was extra special because we had our Baptismal service as well! 🙂


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