a graduation + busy days

a graduation + busy days
I have been SUPER DUPER busy lately. Everything about June so far has been busy. It started out with my going to my best friend’s graduation! It was so much fun! She asked me and a few other girls to play “How Great Thou Art” with her for her graduation. Even though I was really, really nervous, I felt so honored that she asked me to play with her at her graduation!

DSC_5292(This picture was taken right before the graduation (sorry its so blurry))
While we were eating lunch together on Sunday, I was asked to come and stay with them from Wednesday through Saturday since my Daddy and Abigail’s Daddy were going on a Baptist History tour and Daddy would be going to their house anyway. I was SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!
Wednesday didn’t come fast enough. Finally, it was Wednesday morning and Daddy and I were on our way to my best friend’s house. I had such a fun time with Abigail and her family!!! I don’t think they will ever know how much fun I had!!

Abigail, Maddy, and Lily 6-9-17

(while I was there, we went four wheeling. EEEPPP!!! 😀 )

I’ve been reading a lot of books. Abigail and her brother filled me up with tons of books to read. I’m going to try and read them all before July 4th, which is when Abigail’s whole family is coming up to stay with us! YAY! I CANT WAIT!! 😀

I might be starting to teach a new girl piano! Its up in the air right now on their end, but if they want to do it, I’ll probably be starting sometime in July. I have mixed feelings about it. Most of me is really excited, but some of me is quite nervous. I mean, she is a beginner and I will be building her foundation for piano. But she seems like a real nice little girl and I hope it works out.

We’ve been really busy with house hold work. Getting things done that we haven’t been able to get done because of busy times.
We’ve been doing some deep cleaning inside and outside, mulching, filling some ditches around the house with stone, pulling weeds, and etc.
Us girls spent the whole morning in the kitchen today, and quite possibly will be spending our whole evening in there too, because of our Father’s Day meal tonight! It is going to be delicious! (Maybe I’ll do another post on this on Monday. We shall see. 😉 )

- maddy




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8 thoughts on “a graduation + busy days

  1. Such a blessing thing that you got to see your friend! I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for four years yesterday, and it was just such a joy <3!!! I hope that the piano lessons work out for you :)!!!
    Oh, I thought I would suggest something. I know you have talked about looking for ways to control acne a few times here. I thought I would tell you that I've been using Manuka Honey mixed with coconut oil (helps it spread better, haha :).) lately, and my face is probably the clearest that it has been in five years! I put it on my face for anywhere from a half to several hours each day, and just gently wipe it off with a wet cloth. Sometimes I then apply lavender oil to discourage scarring, but I have always done that, so I think the manuka is what is making the difference :). It's kind of expensive, but my Mama bought it to help with some allergy rashes my sister gets, so I tried it and it seems to help!


    1. It was a blessing!!! That’s so neat! I bet y’all had a good time together!
      I hope the piano lessons work out too! 😀
      Ok. Thank you so much, Bri!! I’ll definitely have to give it a try!
      Thank you for commenting! Have a good rest of your day! 😀


  2. Hello Sweet Girl, We thoroughly enjoyed your visit. It really flew by! Abigail prayed for a friend like you for years. Some gifts that God gives, come wrapped up in plaid shirts and sweet smiles! I truly am so thankful that Abigail has you!
    ~Hugs to you. Ms JuLisa~


  3. Oh that’s great you were able to play for your friend’s graduation! And “yay” for some new students! 🙂 Olivia teaches three of our younger siblings.
    Yep, busy days!!! We had some busy days with our visitors, but we had a fun time with them. They left this morning (Wednesday).


    1. We had fun playing together! 🙂
      I know!! YAY!!! This will be my second piano student and I’m so excited!
      I’m glad y’all had a fun time with your visitors! I’ll be praying that they make it back home safely.


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