acne tips || things that have helped me

acne tips
So as most of y’all know, I struggle with acne. It’s especially bad on my forehead and my chin, but I have a little bit on my cheeks too.
So if you have acne, I know what your going through.  I don’t know anybody who likes having acne, but it’s something almost every teenager struggles with at least some point in their lives.

Here are some things that have helped keep my acne at bay.

wash your face every night

Most girls wear make-up. I wear powder, blush, and eyeliner. Most of y’all wear a lot more than that, and keeping that on your face all day and all night will cause breakouts. There are a lot of oils and chemicals in make-up, and it isn’t very good for your skin to wear it or leave it on all the time.
So I wash my face every single night. I don’t think I ever go a day without washing my face.

Moisturizing is probably one of the most important tips I have. It might seem strange to put moisturizer on when you have oily skin, but if you don’t moisturize, your skin will produce more oil to make up for the lack of moisture, and this will clog your pores.
I try and moisturize twice daily after I wash my face and always before I do my make-up.

keep your hands off your face

We need to keep our hands off our face because of all of the oils that are on our hands. I know with me, about five minutes after I wash my hands they’re oily again, and oiliness is something people with acne do not want.


drink water

I don’t drink as much water as I probably should, but when I think about it, I try to drink at least  seven glasses a day.
I do know that water helps with acne. Or so I’ve heard and it also gives you a healthy glow. 😉


hot showers

Ok. This is a tough one. I am one of those people who like very hot showers. The hotter the better! 😀
But hot showers are actually not very good for your acne. Heat can irritate your acne and I know with me, make it more red.
I know what your thinking. “I cant take cold showers.” I know you cant. I know I cant. So I try and take lukewarm showers, except when I cannot stand it anymore! Haha! 😀


clean brushes

This is something I defininetly am not good at doing, but my older sister (who does it pretty much every week) says it actually does help.
I’m sure the brushes get pretty dirty, and we don’t want to be putting that on our face.
So my sister mixes olive oil and dish soap together then cleans her brushes with the mixture. After they’re dry, they are clean and ready for the next time she uses make-up.
Plus cleaning your brushes help your make-up go on better!

My face can sometimes be very oily and when I sleep, those oils get on my pillow case. So its a good idea to change those out at least once a week.


I definitely do not have it all down and I am not an expert (hence the acne). I’m still learning. But these things have seemed to help me and have limited my breakouts.
I find that different things work for different people, so if you’ve never tried any of these tips, you might want to try them and see if they’ll make a difference with your acne. 🙂
I hope this was a help!

- maddy




lets talk

do you struggle with acne?
have you ever tried these tips?
how do they work for you?
tips that you use that I didn’t mention?



5 thoughts on “acne tips || things that have helped me

  1. Oh yes, acne! The teenager’s nightmare! :p Definitely some good tips there.
    I don’t wear makeup, but I wash my face every night.
    Yep, water! That’s something I need to start doing more and more! I find myself having just a couple cups of water during the day, then having a cramp in my leg in the middle of the night! I don’t just mean a small cramp, like when you’re walking to town or something and you receive one on your side, it’s a horrible one! Really hard to explain.
    I’ll definitely try doing the moisturizer. 🙂
    No hot showers: Well, I don’t know if I can do that one. Haha! Is the only problem with that because you’ll get red acne?
    Oh, fresh pillow cases definitely work! I’ve only done it a couple times, but it’s quite nice! 🙂 Someone told us that you can just dry the pillowcase in the dryer instead of having to wash it, etc. I guess the drying, dries out the oils.
    Yes, I have a tip that you didn’t mention. As a matter a fact, my sister and I just realized it worked! We started swishing coconut oil for twenty minutes and after a couple days realized that our face was beginning to clear!! It is amazing! So I’d swish if I were you … you’ll receive white, clean teeth and a “pure” face! 🙂 I usually melt a couple teaspoons of the oil using the “defrost” system on the microwave, then put it in my mouth.
    I think this is a long enough comment! 😉


    1. That cramp sounds pretty awful. If I don’t drink enough water, my side and back starts hurting REALLY REALLY bad. My older sister, Katy, has the same problem. Definitely not fun.
      Yeah. Hot showers makes my acne become really red. That’s the only problem I think it would cause.
      Coconut oil is wonderful!! 😀 There is so many things you can use it for. I’ll definitely have to try this and I’ll tell you if I see any improvement with my face!
      I always get excited when I see comments from you so don’t worry about it being too long. 😉


      1. Aww, that’s not nice!
        Yes, coconut oil is thoroughly amazing! I hope you get an improvement when you do it! In actually swishing some right now… I was doing it whole massaging my sister’s shoulders!
        Aww, thanks! Love commenting!


  2. Great tips! Moisturizing is totally important. I use Celephil lotion at night and before I put my make up on in the mornings. It does help a lot with acne! Btw, thanks for all the sweet comments you have left on my blog! I’ll totally give yours a follow! I love your blog! <3<3<3

    -Clara from The Zephyr


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