happy mothers day // my mama, an example

happy mothers day

I wrote a paper for my Mama for Mother’s Day a few days ago titled, “My Mama, An Example” and I thought I’d share it with y’all.

When I was quite little, I can remember getting hurt and I would run to her, sobbing. She would always give my “boo boo” a kiss and spread a band-aid on it to make it “better.”
Now that I’m older, when I get hurt (although sometimes it’s not always from physical pain) she’ll always embrace me in a hug and give me a kiss and try to make it better for me.

Sometimes, when I was younger, I didn’t listen to my mama.
I can remember getting in trouble with her. I would always be mad at her for disciplining me, but now that I’m older, I know she was only doing it because she loved me. She wanted me to grow up into a godly woman, and if she hadn’t disciplined me for those sinful things I did when I was younger, I would have kept on doing them when I was older.
Mama said it was always hard for her to have to punish me, but she did it because she loved me.

She is a stay-at-home Mom and has spent twenty-three years of her life homeschooling her children. She has probably washed over thousands of dishes and yet she never complains. She is such a hard worker.
And she is such a fun person to be around! She has the best sense of humor!

Mama is the most godly woman I have ever met. You can tell that she loves the Lord just by looking at her. She’s the one that led me to the Lord when I was five. I got saved because my Mama took the time to explain the plan of salvation to me one Sunday morning at church. Now I am saved and on my way to heaven!

My Mama is the best woman I know, and I hope (although I know I’ll never come close) I’ll be like her when I grow up! I’m so proud to say that she is my Mama!
I love you, Mama!


- maddy



4 thoughts on “happy mothers day // my mama, an example

  1. Aw this is so sweet! I feel the same of my Mom! I love her so much!
    I hope someday I’ll have the privilege to me your Mom! 🙂


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