babysitting + planting in the garden

babysitting +Jason and Katy went on a week trip to Costa Rica and while they were gone Kristen and I babysat the three girls. For the whole week.  We all had a good time though. 😀


We jumped on the trampoline (quite a lot 😉 ), colored pictures, listened to music, made cookies together, and Chloe and Bella spent the night in the room with Kris and I! We had fun!
They’re all so sweet!
We had quite a time on Monday though. They were calling for really bad storms on Monday night so Mama and Daddy wanted us to come over to the house and bring Napoleon. Ben spent the night with us on Sunday night so he was with us. We all piled in to Kristen’s small little Buick. Chloe, Bella, and Emma sat in the back (it was quite squished for them since they all have car seats), but it was even more squished for Kristen, Ben, and I who all sat in the front seat. Napoleon sat between Ben and my legs. He’s gotten really big so you can imagine! 😉 Also he gets car sick very easily and he almost got sick on Ben and I! Thankfully we got there safe and without Napoleon getting sick! 😀
Also we ended up not having any storms!
(this picture ^ was taken on Sunday morning before we headed for church. The girls wanted Maw-Maw (which is what her granddaughters call her) to be in the picture too since she came for a short visit before church started)

We got six new chickens last week! They’re called Red Sex Links Chickens! These chickens look so much alike, we were only able to name one, Maude the Second. 😀 I don’t know if we’ll stick with that name yet though! 😉
They are just pullets now, but should start laying in a few months.

(I know. Our new chickens aren’t very photogenic. They look kinda creepy in the picture but they’re actually really cute in person!)

Our garden has been going well. Our tomato’s, beets, carrots and sunflowers have all sprouted up and are looking great! We just planted the rest of our seeds which were cucumbers, green beans, and squash! They seem to be doing very well too! 😀
I weeded out our big strawberry patch a few days ago and now we have very small strawberries growing!
Hopefully we get enough cucumbers and tomato’s for us to can and enough strawberries so we can make pies and jam!
lets talk

 what is the longest time you ever babysat?
do you have chickens?
do you like gardening?


6 thoughts on “babysitting + planting in the garden

  1. Oh I love all the pictures! Glad you you had a lovely time with your nieces! 🙂 I actually have never babysat before!
    New chickens! Exciting! 🙂 Yep, we do have some! 😉 How many do you have in all now?
    Hmm, gardening isn’t my thing … Mommy does most of it, but us kids help whenever she needs it. We have a strawberry patch, green bean vines, and some other things–if I gardened, I would know what all we planted! 😛 We have loads of flowers, that’s for sure! 😉


    1. Thank you Rosalyn!
      Really? I love babysitting! 😀
      We have twelve chickens in all now! But Daddy said that we might be getting rid of some of our older hens since they’re not laying much anymore. 😦
      Oh I love gardening! And yes, we have A LOT of flowers! 😀


  2. Sounds like you had a fun time babysitting! I’ve only babysat my siblings. 😉
    We also recently bought six chickens! This is our first time having any, and I can’t wait until they start laying.


    1. Oh I did! I’ve never had to babysit my siblings since my little brother is only three years younger than myself!
      Ok! 😀 Do you like owning chickens?
      We have twelve chickens in all now and I love it!
      Its so much fun when they start laying, though it seems like forever until they actually start! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ok! Yeah, I have 6 younger siblings so I babysit a lot. 😉
        I do like owning chickens, but to be honest, I am a little nervous around them. I don’t know why but I’ve always had a fear of chickens/ducks/Turkey type animals. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow!! That’s quite a lot of siblings!!! 🙂
    I actually was a little nervous around chickens when we first got them a year ago, but I’m used to them now and I love them!!! 😀


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