what its like owning chickens

what its like
Hello y’all!
So, as many of y’all know, my family owns six chickens. Two of them are Buff Orpington’s, and the other four are Rhode Island Red’s. Their names are Theodosia, Maude, Miranda Prissy, Polly, and Maxine.
Yes, we can all tell them apart. At first it was kind of hard, but we’ve had them about a year so now it’s really easy! 🙂

Our chickens lay whopper eggs. They’re HUGE. And I’m not exaggerating. One actually had a triple yolk. That was really cool. But one egg in particular was the biggest we had ever seen. We measured it, and we looked up the largest egg record and our egg was just a few centimeters smaller than the worlds largest egg (at least in height)! That was really neat!!! 🙂

It’s a lot of fun having chickens.
There is something thrilling about opening the nesting boxes and finding a perfect brown egg nestled in the straw!
toy story 1 OOOOOOOOOH!
No matter how many times I have gathered eggs, every time I see an egg, I’m always excited!
We get about three to five eggs a day. I think for a few weeks we didn’t get any, but now they are laying again. I think all chickens go through a short amount of time where they don’t lay though.
I love listening to the chickens clucking quietly, and watching them roam our yard, searching the earth beneath them for worms and bugs. They are just so peaceful to watch. And our chickens let us pick them up! All except Maude. You can read more about her here. 
I really don’t mind taking care of the chickens. In fact, I rather enjoy it. Most of the time anyway :).
And I love being able to say that I own chickens. I’ve always wanted to live on a farm, and having chickens makes that dream come true just a little bit. Now I just have to convince my Daddy to get a cow…!!! 🙂
toy story 2

Our chickens definitely love people (all except Maude that is). If you go outside, they will be right beside you in a heartbeat. Maybe that’s because we give them stale bread sometimes 🙂
But they will eat out of your hand and sometimes they will follow you around the yard! It’s a lot of fun!

There is one downer about owning chickens though.
DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMMM * Sung to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony *
Here it goes.
They use the bathroom all over the yard,
lucy 1
which means you may not be able to go barefoot in the Summer. 😦
I still go barefoot though, and if I accidentally step on something (which I have done plenty of times), I just wash off my feet! 🙂

And that’s that! 🙂

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! It was really fun to write it!

- maddy

Do you like chickens?
Do you own them or like to own them?


14 thoughts on “what its like owning chickens

  1. Oh, chickens! 🙂 We have 20-some of them! And yes, I totally agree on how it’s thrilling to see eggs nestled in the nesting boxes! And the smell of barns are amazing! 🙂

    I don’t live on a farm and chickens are all the animals we have. We keep our chickens closed in their own pens, so we don’t have to worry about stepping on their messes when barefooted! Haha!

    I saw your comment on the PaigesPages blog and I thought I’d check out your blog! I don’t know Paige personally, but we have hit off with each other in comments on her blog!

    Loved this post! 🙂 I’m just curious … what is your belief’s? My family and I are Independent Baptists and are missionaries here in England!



    1. Hello Rosalyn! Thank you so much for commenting!
      I know! I don’t understand how some people can’t like the smell of barns!
      My family and I are Independent Baptists also! 🙂 In fact, my Daddy pastors a church here in Virginia!
      WOW! England? That’s on my bucket list of places I want to go someday!
      Thank you for stopping by!


      1. Oh okay! 🙂 We traveled around America for several years for debutation before we came to England–we got here six years ago! What is the name if your church? We went to so many churches, I can’t remember most of them!

        And yes, England!! We don’t live in London however, but a little town called Gainsborough! 🙂 We started a church here and so far we have had two people become believers in Christ! Not that many, but it is a huge blessing! I know most Americans think everyone in England live in London! And people have asked us if we’ve met the Queen! Nope we haven’t, but I have written to the her a few years in a row for her birthday and I’ve gotten a reply from her lady in waiting!

        England is definitely a great bucket list idea!


        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d rather not say the name of my church on my blog (for security reasons) , but if you’d like to write some more (which I’d love 🙂 ), you can email me at madelynsunshine@gmail.com 🙂
    That’s great! I’ll pray for you and your family, and the work y’all are doing in England!
    That’s so neat! Someday really soon I want to write a letter to my President! Hopefully I’ll get a reply back! 🙂


    1. Oh, I understand! I wasn’t thinking when I asked that question! Thanks for your email address … I’ll quickly ask you my question right after I’m done with this comment. 🙂 And just so you know, I won’t be able to keep emailing you, just because I haven’t asked my parents, etc. Hope you understand. 🙂



  3. Hello, Madelyn!
    I also love having chickens. Though, right now I only have a few, dumb roosters, they are still very pretty to look at. They’ve never stopped me from going barefoot either. 🙂


    1. Hello Emerald of VA! 😉
      I love roosters! They’re just so pretty! I’m hoping someday Daddy will get a rooster so we can raise baby chicks!
      Thank you so much for commenting Emmy!


  4. My family just bought chickens a couple weeks ago for the first time. We got 6 baby chicks and they seem to be doing great. They are about ready to go outside now ( and I can believe how fast they have grown! ) I am super excited for when they start laying eggs.


    1. Hello Maddy!!! That’s so neat! 🙂 I think daddy said we’re going to be getting some more chickens (either baby chicks or pullets) really soon!!
      Its so exciting when they start laying!!
      What kind of chickens do you have?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey! Well we have two Rhode Island reds but I don’t know what the other kind are. 😜 I know that one of our chicks is supposed to lay blue eggs, but that’s about it. 😂


  5. Ok! Our chickens lay dark and light brown eggs, but I’m hoping if we get new chickens, we can get some that lay different colors!!
    Thank you so much for commenting, Maddy!!!


    1. Well, I’m commenting so I can tell you what kind of chicken lays the blue eggs, Maddy and Maddy! 😉 Haha!
      We used to have one chicken laid those kind of eggs and their called Cream-Crested Legbar. But I know there are several different kinds of chickens who lay blue eggs. Also, I think our hen was a mixture betweetn the cream-crested and another kind. 🙂
      We also had Rhode Island Reds! 🙂
      Right now we have 11 regular-sized hens, 10 bantams–Sablepoots, Pekin, and Seramas. So, we get brown, white, and specklty eggs!


      1. Haha!!! 😀
        Oh ok!! Thank you so much for telling us, Rosalyn! 🙂
        Oh wow! You have quite a lot of chickens there! A lot of different kinds too!
        Daddy said we’ll be getting four more chickens soon. Probably all Rhode Island Reds! I’m so excited!


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