is God your spare tire?

Is God Your Spare Tire

Image Taken From Pinterest.

My Daddy preached a message a few weeks ago and he asked a question that I thought was really good. “Is God your spare tire?”

Every car has a spare tire in it, but most people don’t  even know what their spare tire looks like. They only use it when its an emergency.

There are a lot of people who say, “I don’t need God’s help.” But right when there is something bad that happens, they start praying and start becoming really spiritual.
These kind of people are using God like a spare tire. They only pull Him out when they need Him.
They use Him until things get better again, and then they push Him away until the next bad thing that happens.

God loves to fellowship with His children, so we should love to fellowship with Him too. We should trust in God and give Him our steering wheel.



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