guest post by Abigail

Guest Post By AbigailAll images taken from Google images.

Abigail let me read this paper she wrote when our families went on a trip together in April 2016. When I read it, I thought it was so good that I just had to share it on my blog! 🙂
I got permission from the writer and here it is!

150113-M-PK171-755We Americans do not realize the price of freedom. Most of us don’t appreciate the liberties we have. Rarely do we think of the thousands who have died to ensure my and your safety. We do not understand, nor do we even try to understand those who come home from wars and suffer from the terrors of war. To us, it is better to criticize than to understand. To tell them they are fighting for nothing. We criticize, mock, disrespect, and disregard them. We mock at those who have shed their blood in the most terrible of ways. Many are young, they have their whole life before them. Some even have a wife and children, and are waiting for the day to wrap their family in their arms.

Suddenly, their life comes to a brutal close. As his family mourns, never to have him back again, we tell them he fought for a country we consider trash. His buddies that saw him die, bravely fighting for your freedom, will never be the same.
Cant we Americans begin to appreciate those who daily lay their lives down? Can we begin to appreciate the price that comes with our freedom? Will we unite and stand with our military? To this, I give a hearty yes! We need to unite as Americans and tell our military we support them, we pray for them, and daily we appreciate the liberties that they have ensured for me and future generations. Let us become the Americans that will reverence those who fight for our country. They deserve more than we give them.

Thank you so much Abigail for sharing this with us!

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7 thoughts on “guest post by Abigail

  1. Wow. Yes, yes, and YES. It just flies over our heads sometimes how many people have died to give us the lives we have today. This is beautifully written, Abigail. And thank you for sharing it here, Maddy 🙂


  2. Amazing that this was written simply because it was weighing so heavy on her heart, and only shared originally with family and a best friend. I am encouraged that there are young adults that still feel this way about our great nation and the ones that protect and serve. Great each veteran you meet with a sincere thank you!


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