tea party // photography practice


Chloe turned six on Thursday. I cannot believe that! She has grown a lot, and she is such a sweet little girl! I love her so much! 🙂
Chloe wanted to have a little tea party for her birthday. So we (the family), went over to Jason and Katy’s house to celebrate. dsc_3221
This picture really captured how Chloe was. She was so excited and was like a busy bee running around filling and refilling people’s cups with new tea. I think she had fun! 🙂

After her little celebration, Jason and I went outside so he could teach me a few things on my camera. I learned a lot about aperture. He wanted me to do a little photo shoot with Napoleon. I definitely need a lot of practice. Jason let me borrow his lens and his polarizing filter.

dsc_3364The one above would have been good, but the focus point is on the right side of the bucket, and Napoleon is blurred. I was very disappointed that this one didn’t turn out better.

These turned out a little better. Napoleon is in focus and the background is blurred. I think these turned out the best. I tell y’all though, taking pictures of dogs is tough. Especially puppies. Napoleon would not stay still. He’s a little wiggle worm 🙂
Thank you, Jason, for helping me edit some of these!

I also got to take some pictures of Bella. I think some of these turned out ok. She’s a good little model! 🙂
dsc_3311I would have liked this one a lot more if the house wasn’t in the background. But I liked the lighting.

So they were a few of my favorites. I plan on starting Nikon School really soon, so I can improve my photography! 🙂 I’m really excited about starting it!



2 thoughts on “tea party // photography practice

  1. So fun! Dogs are really hard to photograph! I took pictures of my aunt with her dog & he didn’t want to stay still either! 😉
    I like the last couple pictures you captured of Bella. The lighting is neat & she seems like a sweet girl!


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