life on the lake // aka large pond


My family and I live on a lake. Well actually, it’s more like a large pond. Okay, a small pond. 🙂
People like to call it a lake for tax purposes. But I like to consider it a lake too. It just sounds, well, you know, a little better! 🙂
So today, I’m going to share with y’all, what it’s like living on a lake.

One of the good things about living on a lake is that you can go fishing anytime you want.
I love fishing, and I love just being able to grab a fishing pole, walk out my backdoor and down to the lake.


We get a lot of wildlife at the lake. Beavers (right across from our house and down the hill is a beaver dam), owls, deer, woodpeckers, ducks, geese, turtles, herons, bald eagles and  really too many more to name. Our lake seems like a bird haven. We get a lot of eagles. Once I saw five eagles at once. That was so neat!!! We are very blessed to live in an area with lots of bald eagles, and it’s not unusual to see quite a few of them at a time, and quite often. But I always get excited when I see one! 🙂 They’re just so, majestic.
We have gotten a few bears too. Our neighbor saw one in his yard once. That was a little scary!


We also get a lot of boat rides. We don’t normally use our boats in the fall and winter months, that’s mostly a summer thing, but I love riding in our boats! When I say boats, dont think of anything too large. It would’nt fit in our lake. We have a paddle boat and a sort of borrowed jon boat. 🙂

The view of the lake is wonderful! When the wind blows, it makes little ripples. I love looking out our door and seeing a beautiful lake right outside. It’s especially pretty when the sun is rising above the water, or the moon casts a gorgeous reflection upon it.
Ahhhh…. 🙂


There is only one thing I don’t like about living on a lake. INSECTS. They are really bad in the summer months. Especially the mosquitoes and gnats. We all get ate up. The flies are really bad too. They wont leave you alone and are always flying around your face. Yep, it gets mighty irritating. The lake also draws lots of frogs and snakes. In the summer, there are frogs everywhere, which is not fun when you are disgusted by their very presence. 🙂 (it’s all Kristen’s fault for her telling me the story of when a frog jumped on her barefeet, and then she accidently stepped on it. She’s quite disgusted by them as well).
The only time I enjoy the frogs is when they start up their band on summer nights. How I love summer!!! 🙂

Thats just a glimpse of life on the lake. I dont even feel like I covered half of its wonderfulness.



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