life post // driving time


Hello y’all! I’ve been snapping a lot of pictures lately. I think I’m improving, but I still don’t know what some of the buttons are used for. I have so much fun taking pictures though. I tried my hand at portraits, but I think I have to get a little better before I start doing that. So right now I’m just taking pictures of pretty things around my house.


I’ve been trying to get some driving time in so I can get my driver’s license. Where I live, I have to do a lot of hours. So many in the daytime, and then some at night. I’ve got nine and a half hours done.
I drove my Nana to the supermarket a few days ago. I was so nervous. That was the first time I had ever driven with somebody other than Mama (Mama is the one teaching me how to drive). I had a lot of fun though after I started going. In Nana’s words, I did perfectly. But she is too kind! 🙂


I read a book a few days ago, and I cried. A lot. I think that is the first book I’ve ever really cried on. It was called An Untamed Land by Louraine Snelling, and so many things happened that I was not expecting. I cannot wait to start reading the second book in the series though.

I hope I’m not boring y’all with my life posts. They are the easiest posts to write. I have fun writing them because it’s kind of like an online journal for me. 🙂


Have you ever cried reading a book?
Do you enjoy reading my life posts?


i love getting comments, but make sure to keep them clean and honoring to the Lord. thank you! :)

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