Book Review // The Lazarus Trap


I just recently read the book The Lazarus Trap, and I enjoyed it. A lot. Kristen bought it for me for Christmas and I started on it a couple days after Christmas. It took me about two days to read it, and I loved it from the beginning to the very end! I didn’t want to stop for a second.


I thought this would be a lovely book for my first book review!

The Lazarus Trap
Author: Davis Bunn
Pages: 288
Summary: A man wakes up in a jail cell, with no memory of his past. He is told he tried to assault a police officer. His ID says his name is Jeffrey Adams. He slowly starts to remember everything, piece by piece. His name is Val Haines, and the world thinks he’s dead.
He knows people are after him. People he doesn’t even know. But who can he run to for help, if he doesn’t know who the enemy is?
With his past behind him, he’ll do anything to claim a new life for himself. Or die trying.


Right when I heard about this book, I said, “I’ve gotta read this.”  I couldn’t find it at our local library, so I wrote it down on my Christmas list.
Kristen said she bought it off of Amazon.

This is a good clean read and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bit of it!


Do you like suspense novels?
Have you ever heard of Davis Bunn?


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