Meet My Family Part I


Hello Y’all. Today I want to introduce you to my wonderful family. They are a crazy bunch, and I’m so thankful God has blessed me with them! Each of us have our own personalities, and we are all completely different in the way we do things. Yes, we do get on each others nerves at times, we’re not perfect, but we love each other and are always there for each other. I wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world.

First up, my Daddy. He is the pastor of an independent Baptist church. He’s been preaching there for almost fifteen years now. He loves: crossword puzzles, spicy food (especially hot wings), Baptist History, graveyards (inside joke), and old cars (The Henry J 51 is his favorite). He has brainwashed all of us kids into thinking that the Henry J is the best car in the history of cars. And it is! 🙂
He is the smartest man I know. He’s like a walking encyclopedia. Literally!

Next, my Mama. She is a stay-at-home Mom, and has been homeschooling my siblings and I for twenty-three years. She loves: antiques, Ebay (she actually has her own Ebay business), cooking, thrifting, chocolate, and creating things.
She is also the owner of a booth in an antique mall.
She keeps a stash of chocolate in her dresser drawer for emergencies, which she tries to keep a secret! 🙂
Mama has a knack for decorating and making our house a home.

Mama, Me, and Kristen

I have three siblings. Our ages our extremely far apart. For instance, there are only four of us kids and there is almost seventeen years between the oldest and the youngest.

My oldest sister, Katy, is happily married to the love of her life, Jason. They have been married, going on eight years. They have three beautiful girls, Chloe (5), Bella (3), and Emma (1). It’s so funny how three sisters can be so very different. Chloe is very outgoing. She can start a conversation with a complete stranger. Bella, she is a ball of giggles. She always has a smile on her face (well, most of the time), and she loves giving hugs. Emma is very different. She is a loner and is very serious. But every so often she’ll crawl up in your lap and give you a big smile and a hug! They are all so precious!
Katy and Jason’s family loves: cooking, eating, spontaneous adventures, Indian food (well, actually any kind of food really!), having fun, and music.
Jason can sing, play the bass, piano, guitar, cello, and harmonica.
Katy sings, and plays the piano. And I am currently teaching Chloe the piano. Jason, Katy, Chloe, and Bella also do little specials at our church together. So yep, you could say they are a musical family!
Katy homeshools Chloe (she’s in the 1st grade), and will be starting Bella with Pre K this upcoming year.

Jason and Katy
Daddy (Papa, as his Granddaughters call him), Chloe, Bella, and Emma
Emma and Me

Kristen, my second oldest sister, is twenty-two. She is currently in college, and is taking Christian Education through correspondence. She is patiently waiting for her Isaac. She loves: Coca-Cola, wildflowers, simple things, cooking, bluegrass, animals (if she could, she would bring home every animal she ever saw!), and playing her fiddle/violin and guitar.

Benjamin (Ben), my little bro, is thirteen-years-old. Kristen and I call him Bub all of the time (don’t ask me where it came from). He loves: cars (can you guess which one is his favorite? 🙂 ), buying food, eating food, building things, playing his guitar, singing (all through the day he’s either singing or humming), and having fun.
Right now, he wants to be a Mechanical Engineer. He’s actually wanted to be that for a few years now. But he is really good at building things, so who knows what the future holds.

Ben, Kristen, and Me

Well, that’s it. That’s the clan.
I hope you enjoyed meeting my family. I know this was kind of a long post, but it was a lot of fun writing it!

In part II of Meet My Family, I will be introducing you to our furry and feathery family members.


What’s your family like?


4 thoughts on “Meet My Family Part I

  1. You have a wonderful godly family. Thank you for sharing. I think I might have already knew most of it but now I have or in writing to refer back to. 😊


  2. Hi Madelyn :)! You have a cute little blog; I just found it this morning (through Julia’s blog? I think? Haha!), and I’ve read it up throughout the day. I enjoyed getting to “know” you through it, and I’ll try to remember to check back regularly :). Your family sounds so sweet. Also, your photography is really good, Jason is doing a great job teaching you- and, as the daughter of a photographer who still struggles to understand the tips he gives me, I know that took great work on your part too ;).
    Blessings in the Lord,
    Bri 🙂


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