Hello. Welcome to little bit of sunshine. I am so excited (and maybe just a wee bit nervous) about starting this blog.
I started this blog to help other teenage girls with their walk with the Lord. I pray that the Lord will use this blog to bring honor and glory to Him!

I will be posting about a ton of stuff. Just a few things:
Book Reviews
What I Wore


I came up with the name little bit of sunshine, because my Dad calls me Madelyn Sunshine (pronounced Madeline Sunshine)!

I hope when you read this blog it will bring a little bit of sunshine in your life!

Thank you so much for looking at my blog!

- Maddy.png


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Yay for starting a blog, Maddy! Looking forward to reading your posts!
    Thanks so much for the comments you leave on my blog. I love hearing from my readers! ♡


  2. Maddy I’m excited for this new venture you have started! Thank you for trying to be a light to others….looking forward to reading your blog!
    P.S.- I think your best friend is pretty special too! 🙂



  3. Thank you for inviting me to read your blog. I am excited for you and how God will use this. I know I am blessed by knowing you and your family. Looking forward to reading everything.


i love getting comments, but make sure to keep them clean and honoring to the Lord. thank you! :)

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