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Little bit of sunshine is officially moving. I will not be posting on this blog anymore, I have moved from wordpress over to blogger. A new post is up that tells you why I have moved and to tell you how to do it yourself.

Here is the link to my new blog.

I want to thank all of you wonderful people who follow me and comment and who have been such an encouragement to me!!

Here’s a picture of my new blog.



I LOVE my new design!! Well, I just love Blogger! I am so HAPPY that I moved!!

I won’t delete my wordpress blog right away (maybe in a few months) but like I said earlier, I will not be posting on it anymore.

So go check out my new blog and make sure to comment and follow!




book review || the great divide by Davis Bunn and GIVEAWAY results

Book Review + Giveaway

Some friends gave this book to my sister, Kristen, for her birthday last year (2016) and I just got around to reading it myself.
Like any other Davis Bunn book, I loved it!! He never disappoints me.


The Great Divide
By: Davis Bunn
448 Pages
4 Stars



When attorney Marcus Glenwood resigns from a prestigious corporate law firm to retreat to a small town in North Carolina and rebuild his life after a devastating personal tragedy, he suddenly finds himself in the biggest and most emotionally difficult case of his career.
Fragile and spiritually wounded, Glenwood is introduced to Alma and Austin Hall, whose daughter Gloria has disappeared in China while investigating the slave-like practices of New Horizons, the world’s largest manufacturer of sports shoes and athletic gear. Persuaded by Alma’s pleading, and their obvious distress, Marcus accepts the case.

No one, including Marcus himself, can believe how quickly his investigation untangles a web of deceit that stretches from Washington , D.C., to Europe and Asia and back to his own North Carolina backyard. With the power to obstruct, manipulate, intimidate, injure, and eliminate, the giant multinational sports company New Horizons has never lost a case. But they underestimate Marcus Glenwood.

Step by cautious step Glenwood moves forward to uncover the horrifying truth about New Horizons, Gloria Hall, and ultimately himself.

my review

This book caught me in the beginning. The story line was amazing and I loved the characters, the courtroom scenes (they were awesome) and how descriptive everything was!
The only thing I would say negative about it was that it got to be a little long, but I still really enjoyed it!!


GIVEAWAY results

Before I say who won, I would like to thank everybody for participating!! I had 16 people who entered, and I wish everybody could win, but unfortunately, that cannot be. So without further ado, here are the results.
Drum roll please…. * drum roll *



CONGRATULATIONS, EMERALD!!! * throws confetti and hands you a heaping bowl of ice cream *
I will contact you as soon as I can for your information!!

a gift for YOu

Yes. You read that right. This is a gift for YOU!!
Bri (from Forget Not His Benefits) has offered all of you girls 50% off of hairpins on her etsy page!! All you do is enter this code: SUNSHINE50PERCENT for 50% off of your hair pin purchase!! It starts August 11th and ends August 18th. So you girls get on over there and order yourself some hair pins!!!






lets talk
have you ever read books by Davis Bunn? (’cause you should). what are some books that you’ve read recently? your favorite author? did you enter the giveaway? should I do another giveaway in the future? are you going to go buy yourself some hair pins? which ones are you going to buy?



under the tapestry hair pin review || and a GIVEAWAY!

under the tapestry2 Bri, from Forget Not His Benefits blog, commented on my blog a few weeks ago and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing one of her items on her Etsy page for a free item. Of course, I jumped at the chance.
She emailed me and we got it all set. She also asked me if I’d like to host a giveaway with her providing a similar item of the one that I would be reviewing. I was so excited!

The Review

Please note, I am giving my honest opinion in this review.

First off, I’d like to personally thank you, Bri, for giving me this wonderful chance!!!
Bri was a very easy and a pleasant person to work with! She answered all of my questions thoroughly and was easy to understand!


These hair pins are absolutely adorable!!! They are made very nicely and they go with just about anything!

There are two bobby pins with beautiful green and brown beads hooked on to them to make a beautiful accessory that goes with any outfit!

enter the giveaway

This giveaway is for YOU! Yes you!
There will only be one winner and that winner will receive her own set of similar hair pins!
The winner will be picked at random!
The giveaway lasts from August 5 through August 10! I will announce the winner on August 11!!
The winner will be contacted and given one week to respond, but if she does not respond, I will pick another winner.
Bri, from Forget Not His Benefits, will be given your contact information and she will send out your prize as soon as she can!
This particular giveaway is for people from the U.S. only.

Well, lets get on with the giveaway!!!
Just click the link below to enter the giveaway!


lets talk
did you like the review? did you enter the giveaway? did you go check out Bri’s etsy page? did you go check out her blog?

july in review || hello august

july in review __

July was such a great month, I don’t even know where to start! From the wonderful 4th of July I had to my seventeenth birthday, it was awesome!

my lifeI got my own car!!! (new post coming soon 😀 )


Jason, Katy, and the three girls (and Napoleon) left to move out West. I miss them more than you can imagine.

The Family 7-5-17

I celebrated the 4th of July with my wonderful family and friends! It was soooo much fun! 😀

Daddy took us to the VA Historical Society and to the VA Holocaust Museum.


I wrote a letter to President Donald Trump and Barron Trump!! I hope that I get a reply back!


I celebrated my seventeenth birthday!


I started learning the upright bass! It’s so much fun! 🙂

I have 45 followers! 😀


thankful for

my car

going to a local bookstore and getting five books for $4.00

getting to see my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins

riding in the boat and going for an evening walk with my cousins ^

milkshakes at Sonic


homemade iced coffee


emailing a friend from England!

phones and facetime so we can talk to Jason, Katy, and the girls out west 😀

all the phone calls, comments, emails, letters, and packages for my birthday! thank y’all so much!!! DSC_6946

visiting with missionaries and their adorable children

Daddy buying us each a Frosty at Wendy’s!


august goals

get to Nehemiah in my Bible reading

try a new recipe

get to 22 hours in my driving time

take a picture I’m proud of

pass out 20 gospel tracts


I hope that August is a wonderful month!





lets talk
how was your july? what are some things you did this month?
your favorite thing about july? what are some of your goals for august?

my 17th birthday || lots of pictures + a ride in the country

1 country ride

As you probably already know, I had a great 17th birthday!

Mama took me to the store with her on Tuesday and we went by goodwill together!!! 🙂
I got two adorable shirts for just $7.00!

1 Mama and Me
Once we got home, we ate lunch, and then Kristen took me outside for a Birthday Photo Shoot (I’ll do another post on that sometime) 🙂
After the photo shoot, I spent time with my family. We sat outside together. Kristen made us some homemade iced coffee (which is SOOO GOOD) and we drank that up while we enjoyed the nice weather.

It’s been really hot here lately, but on Tuesday it was in the low 80’s and very low humidity! It was absolutely gorgeous!


After dinner, we all went for a ride in the country (at my request) with the windows down!! It was lovely!
(Gideon, our bullmastiff, also came along and rode in the back! He loves going on rides! 😀 )


It was a wonderful ride!!! I am so blessed to live in the country!!!
It was a laid back sort of day spent with my family and I loved it! 🙂





lets talk

what did you do for your last birthday? do you prefer the country or the city?
do you live in the country or the city?